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Delivery orders: best to be placed online on our website .


YumThaiDelight.com  – Online orders on our website get  10% OFF.

  1. YumThaiDelight.com .
    20% discount on CASH orders on our website.
    Limited offer, please check with takeaway due to rising costs every day.
    Phone CASH orders 20% Average delivery time is 35-50 min. Cooking takes time and we cook to order. On Fridays and Saturdays and delivery time can be about 45-70 minutes when ordering in busy times 6-8pm.
  2.  Just Eat.   This platform takes big chunk from total payment and the money arriving days later. Help us survive and order on our website or message us on FB day before.  Average delivery time is 45-60 min within 3 miles radius,  +15min more if delivery is outside 3.5 miles radius. Please leave us feedback on Just Eat every time if you happy with your order,  just stars is enough. It help us feel better as unhappy customers leave feedback always.
  3. Phones: 01744 328335, 07305 972914

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Our location is  36 Baldwin St, St Helens, WA10 2RL .

Saturdays and Sundays on peak times 18.00-19.30 we need to cook orders taken online, we struggle to fit big orders but small one is ok.


MENU updates

Is difficult to keep up with menu updates on online platforms as we need to constantly watching for typists mistakes. our website not shows all food we offering right now…  For current menu please go to YumThaiDelight.com.

Our shop is very busy at this moment and we will do our best to find time for updates when not busy. U can follow us on Facebook for more.